Why do we need to do anything with the current structure?

The current Teen Building, with portions originally built 50 years ago, is actually three separate structures that were cobbled together by the previous owners of the NRC campus. For some time and at significant expense, we have been maintaining the structure until such time that a comprehensive plan was developed.  Currently the buildings have significant physical issues including a roof with multiple leaks, hazardous access and egress points, signs of mildew and mold, and other, more serious engineering issues.  Additionally, there are functional restrictions that limit the use of space and large portions are essentially unusable.  To comply with current fire, life safety, accessibility and other governmental codes—not to mention a dynamic and growing congregation of people— the status quo is no longer an option. The building is clearly a safety issue that must be addressed.

Were other options explored for the facility and what was that process?

Yes, multiple and varied scenarios were explored including a complete demolition of the space and construction of a totally new building, relocating the functional needs to other areas on the campus, repairing the current building, and other options.  This decision process has been ongoing for over 18 months and has included a comprehensive needs analysis from various ministry and functional groups, meetings with multiple architects and engineers, preliminary meetings with local government officials, multiple iterations of plans and designs, meetings with our bankers and dozens of internal meetings with the BAG (Building Advisory Group) and leadership during the process.

How does this investment in new facilities fit into the overall vision for the future of the congregation?

Whether renting spaces from hotels, or small groups meetings in homes, a growing and dynamic church community needs physical spaces to meet for encouragement, instruction, counseling and service. The NRC vision includes providing places for an unlimited variety of gatherings both large and small, for an increasingly diverse group of people.  NRC goals include serving and reaching out to the maximum number of people in the metro-Atlanta area, providing safe and attractive places for our hundreds of children, middle-schoolers, teens and college students while also providing opportunities for serving the community.  Coupled with these goals, NRC is increasingly making an impact worldwide as people trained here literally “go into all the world” to serve.  For our church community, this new facility will be an active “hub” for the next generation, a safe, fun environment for devotionals, creative arts concerts and performances, athletic leagues, instructional space, and large gatherings with teaching, encouragement as well as facilities for food service for banquets, receptions, etc. 

Could we rent spaces and use any monies saved for other important missions?

First, renting adequate facilities for a congregation of 1000+ is a very expensive proposition, and does not provide any return for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenditures nor does is a temporary space accommodate the dozens of weekly meetings, devotionals, classes and assemblies that our congregation holds.  Second, our intent is to pay for this facility within the next decade and leave the next generation a large, safe, contemporary facility that will be used for generations…without the significant expense of renting and/or mortgage payments.  In other words, we believe it is wise to invest now—-so that millions of dollars will be available in the future for a variety of good works. 

The earlier renderings showed two floors for the proposed building, but the new plan is showing only a single floor. Have there been a change in plans?

After much deliberation and prayer, the decision was made to limit the building to one floor. The decision was made to limit the debt that the Church would have to carry to pay off the mortgage over the next decade. We strongly believe that we need a new Building to meet the growing demands of the different ministries, however we want to be financially prudent in our decisions to meet these demands and at the same time, stay focused on being debt free in the next 10 years or so.