Youth & Family Ministry
By 2020, we are slated to add 90 children from the current Children’s Ministry roster to the 140-strong Youth & Family (Y&F) ministry. Currently there are no facilities to accommodate the growing Y&F ministry. It is our vision that our Y&F ministry build strong and vibrant relationships with godly influences at North River Church through hosting sports, classes, devotionals, theatrical productions and other community gatherings at the Community Center. We want to help capture their hearts for God with an irresistible array of fun, wholesome activities in an exciting, modern setting.
Campus Ministry
From a handful of campus disciples in 2005, there are over 200 students today in the North River Church campus ministry. College students don’t have an option of hosting events in their homes—because of small dorms and apartments. Many activities including Friday night devotionals, campus dinners, honoring events are held on North River Church campus due to the availability of kitchen facilities. We also believe that the North River Church Community Center will serve as a great venue for our campus disciples to mentor our Youth & Family kids.
Resource & Training Hub for Mission Center
The Community Center will host ASOM, MTP, Campus Training Program as well as training programs for Family Group Leaders and Community Group Leaders.
Community Groups
Over 550 disciples (less campus), could currently meet in Community groups (about 6 or 7 groups) for family time, dinners, fellowship time and fun activities during the week in the Community Center.
Commitment to the Neighborhood
The Youth Empowerment Services (YES!) program has built a solid foundation of success and exciting plans to bring the kids in the neighborhood to the Community Center for more activities. Four to five housing projects are sprouting in a 3-mile radius around the church campus and the Community Center will serve as a great venue for neighborhood studies and activities
180° Ministry
We believe that the basketball court, multipurpose room, study rooms will serve to draw men, especially single men to come in contact with the Church and in turn, with our Lord Jesus Christ through activities and relationships.