The Challenge

The Teen Building was part of the original YMCA from 1964, that is over 50 years old. The former church added the Black Box to the existing building. Since we purchased the building, the Teen Building has been used for multiple purposes – the Middle School, High School and Campus ministries used it extensively for:
• Midweeks
• Devotionals
• Lock-ins
• Potlucks

The EDGE and other ministries used the Teen Building for:
• Open Mic Nights
• Improv Shows

The Creative Arts Ministry conducted rehearsals in the Teen Building for:
• Upside Down (2015) and Upside Down (2016)

The Conference Room was used for:
• Leadership Group meetings
• Church Board meetings
• Ministry Staff and Ministry related meetings
• Office Space was used by Administration and other senior staff
• Bible studies, counseling appointments, Family Group lunches, birthday parties, were conducted in the Teen Building

Over the years, we have made numerous efforts to maintain the building:
1. Fixed the roof but continued to have leaks
2. Piping in the building was very old and affected the water quality
3. Many aspects of the structure were not up to code
4. Safety issues

At this time, the building cannot be used for any events and has been shut down since 2017. We are challenged to hold all these events in the remaining two facilities.